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  • Pioneer in social responsibilities and accountabilities and environmental requirements in developing countries

  • Strive to offer our customers the best possible service at the lowest possible costs

  • Maintain a competitive edge with:

  • ◦State-of-art manufacturing facilities and a focus on the     smallest details
    ◦An ongoing, corporate-wide dedication to quality. 
    ◦Flexible service and understanding customer logistical   requirements and special needs
    ◦Corporate transparency combined with an administrative   efficiency to enhance customer trust in all aspects of our   operation
    ◦An attractive value-proposition, excellent quality and   service

  • Develop comprehensive engineering and manufacturing skills by investing in management, employees and equipment

  • 1990 -- Highway Holdings Limited established, acquired Nissin Precision MetalManufacturing Limited, and transferred the manufacturing operation to China.

  • 1992 -- Acquired Hi-lite Camera Company Limited. Transferred the cameraoperation to China.

  • 1996 -- Llisted on the Nasdaq market under trading symbol 'HIHO'. 

  • 1996 -- Purchased Kienzle Uhrenfabriken GMBH out of bankruptcy and transferred the manufacturing of clocks and clock movements from Germany to China. 

  • 2006 -- Acquired Golden Bright Plastic Manufacturing Company Limited,  a Hong-Kong based plastic injection molding and mold making operation, and integrated the operation into Long Hua facility. 

  • 2012 --  Established an outsourcing assembly operation in Yangon Myanmar. 

  • 2015 --  Acquired the majority shares of Kayser Myanmar. 

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